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The Next Big Thing

How many people are you dependent on for your own business insights?
What’s the best way to stay abreast all the time at any place with your business insights?

By subscribing to Analytics as a Service, Metis will eliminate your dependencies and it will create Near Real-time analytics for your business by using your systems directly, may it be an ERP or a machine log

What is it?
A cost-effective, self-service platform capable of analyzing, and presenting data in a way that lets business users gain insight and take action.

What we do?
By unifying the analytics life cycle from data to discover and from discovery to deployment, Metis helps you gain ultimate competitive advantage through deeper insights into your business and customers.

Time To Take Advantage Of Your Data And Systems Today

What Can You Do?

Scale customer-centered decisions and actions across functions in the business

Design contextual customer engagements across their journey

Design contextual customer engagements across their journey

Address competitive and/or regulatory market pressures


Gain all the benefits without huge investment & delays

Business Insights anywhere, anytime on any device.

Scheduled reports and dashboards, with forecasting options.

Fixed monthly cost for a set of data sets.

Streamlined operations

New business models, products, and services

Quick and informative decision-making

Analytics transformation doesn’t have to happen all at once


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